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I saw a used truck online, that looked amazing in the pictures. I went to the dealership first thing in the morning.

I acquired about the truck, and was seated with a salesman who immediately blew me off, and sent me to another salesman, that was new, when I said what truck I was interested in. This new salesman left sitting at his desk for 45 minutes while he tried to locate the truck, coming back a few times stating the truck was there, but he couldn't find it. He proceeded to come back again saying it was getting cleaned up, and then it was being serviced, then being safety tested. I asked several times to see the truck, being told that I couldn't see it while in the shop.

Again he left me sitting at his desk. Finally coming back saying it wasn't ready yet, and he would call me when it was. He called me an hour later, saying he found the truck, and was being serviced for a bad headlight, and tail light, and he would call me later when it was done. I waited all day for his call, and about 5 pm I called him and asked what was going on.

He told me it was still being worked on. I asked if I could come and see the truck. He said yes. When I arrived, again being told that I couldn't see it while in shop.

I asked what was so wrong with this truck if it taking so long, he said that they were just really busy. He said don't worry this is a clean beautiful truck, no scratches, or anything. We then proceeded to start the paperwork. He told me I had to leave a deposit to proceed with the paperwork.

Against my better judgement I did, because I loved the truck I saw in the picture, and I took his word that this was a clean, beautiful truck. He kept telling me I would love this truck. I asked agin to see it, but again being told not while in the shop. He told me he would call me the next day, when the truck was done being serviced, cleaned, and safety tested.

The following day, he called me, and said truck was going to be ready that afternoon, and that I needed to put more money, which I refused, because after giving it some thought, I felt I was being jerked around, and scammed. I told him I would stop in after work. He called me later that afternoon asking if I was still coming, truck was ready. I went in after work, and he said I had to speak with finance manager, and he was going to get the truck.

Again being left there for about half hour, being told he couldn't locate the truck. Finally him, and I his finance manager with an attitude came in, and said plow truck was being sold as is, and they had to replace a tie rod. Plow truck? There wasn't a plow in the pictures, nor was I told there was a plow until this point.

I was NOT looking for a plow truck. Who puts a plow on a ram 1500 Anyways?. At this point I was so irate, I demanded to see the truck. I was taken way out into the back of the lot, and finally saw this piece of ***.

It looked nothing like the picture! FALSE ADVERTISING!!! This truck was filthy, body damage everywhere, interior was worn. I couldn't believe what I was looking at, and waiting for!

I couldn't believe they were asking the price they were for this truck! Way over priced! I demanded my deposit back, and this finance manager with an attitude, along with other employees, started to belittle me, and make me feel like I was in the wrong, and I shouldn't have put a deposit down if I wasn't interested in this truck that they refused to show me until this point. At this point I was ready to completely lose it!

I demanded my deposit again, being told I couldn't get it then, because accounting was closed, and he would leave a check for me at the front desk. At the desk? What I'm not a person anymore, because I'm not giving you, liars, and scam artists my business! The following day, I went to get my deposit back, and the woman at the front desk gave me an attitude when I told her who I was, and why I was there.

This was the worst dealership experience in my life!

I won't ever let anyone I know do business with these people, and I hope neither do you, after reading this. These people do not deserve to be in business, or serving the public!!

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The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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